What To Do For Your Child’s Party

What to do for your child's party

Ever been in the situation where you have been pondering with this question? Worrying about what to do for your child’s party?

It’s months ahead, but you know that if you don’t book something soon, lots of venues and entertainers will be booked up. Yup, we’ve all been there. The problem is, if you book it too early your child could have a change of heart. Suddenly, what was really popular way back when, at six and three-quarters, is passé at six and eleven-twelfths!

Perhaps your dilemma is that your child has failed to give you any inkling what they would like – what, for heaven’s sake, is it that they’d like to do?! Surely this should be a fun thing to decide? Sometimes there are too many choices, and sometimes not enough (within budget range).

Below is a compiled list of a few cool ideas. We, of course, would say that Acting the Party is the coolest, but then we’re unashamedly biased – and not all kids have good taste 😉

Kids have many birthdays, and will want all sorts of different parties. Bowling parties, played over and over, stop being fun anymore.

So I thought it maybe useful to give a broad run down of all the different types of entertainment on offer. From home parties to bring-out-the-big-bucks parties. There’s not a lot of detail, for that you can use Google, and it also depends what you have on offer locally. These ideas are specifically for the 6 to 10 age range.

Here are some good birthday ideas in 3 Categories – Home / Entertainer + Venue / Venue

1. Ideas for a party at home.

This may fill you with terror, or make you want to become a creative director. Either way typically a ‘jelly and ice cream’ style of party is still a big hit with children. There are lots of party games and theme ideas and craft activity ideas around. Sometimes it’s worth taking a wander round a craft shop to help you come up with something, or a wander around Pinterest.. and try not to feel inadequate. You CAN do this!

Choose a theme with your child, give yourself plenty of time, and from my own personal experience I’d say don’t invite too many – take a look at our ‘How Many Children Should I Invite‘ page and our ‘Top Ten Party Games‘ as well as our simple list of Theme ideas for home parties.

Also consider a sleepover party. Most children are old enough by this age and find it very exciting.

2. Book an entertainer, and a venue.

If you can’t face the mayhem, book an entertainer. Make sure they are experienced with the age group that will be attending. Preferably go by word of mouth or look at reviews. You may be able to phone, tweet or email the reviewers to ask what it was truly like.

Some actors/entertainers are very good at theme parties (I’ll bite my tongue about the cost) though some are fantastic and worth their weight in gold.

Check whether you will be paying for their travel expenses and pin down exactly how much time they will be entertaining for. Also worth checking whether they have insurance. Get everything in writing.

Of course it’s most likely you’ll still have to sort out the food for the party, the Pinterest thing again. If booking a venue, check they have facilities for this. Many village halls in villages are great value, in London and big cities not so much, both ways they will need booking way ahead. It may also be worth asking your child’s school, or with the PTA.

Tip: Don’t forget bin liners, cake, matches and candles!

…doesn’t come from any awful experiences, you understand.

3. List of 24 Party Ideas: Venues

  • Ghost walk – ask if the actor could tailor one for your group, and end it at child friendly restaurant.
  • Bowling
  • Warehouse/ Indoor play centre
  • Bowling
  • Paintball/ Lazer party
  • Ice Skating
  • Swimming party
  • Pamper party
  • Cooking/ cookery party
  • Fitness party
  • Go Ape
  • Quad biking
  • Scalextric party
  • Football party
  • Martial Arts Party
  • Cinema Trip
  • Trip to the local Fire Station
  • Reptile / Small animal Farm / Zoo
  • Trip to a Museum. Sounds dull? Think of the Space Centre, Royal Air Force or Natural Science Museum – some even do sleepovers.
  • Party Bus
  • Pirate Ship/ boat trip parties
  • Theme Park
  • Horse riding
  • Limo + one of the above!

Have you any good party ideas? Please share them with us here…