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Downloadable Fairy Party


A downloadable fairy party all organised to play at home.  A kids role-playing audio play that lasts 1½ hours – total party time 2 hours with eating and greeting.

“The Fairy Gifts” narrated by Isy Suttie. Isy will guide the children through an audio drama using simple instructions, music and sound effects.

Included are all the audio tracks on MP3 files and PDF’s to print – see below for more details

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Downloadable Fairy Party – Unique audio entertainment to play at home 

A fairy party idea with a simple solution.

You will need:

A printer

A Pass the Parcel wrapped the correct amount of times

A good sound system to play the MP3 audio tracks


Joy fairy has lost her fairy gift, can her friends help get it back?
Joy …. gift – Joy
Pat …. gift – Patience
Connie …. gift – Confidence
Jenny …. gift – Generosity or Gentleness
Kindy …. gift – Kindness
Hope …. gift – Hope
Ambi …. gift – Ambition
Perci …. gift – Perseverance

Track Titles – narration by Isy Suttie

1. Sorrowful Joy
2. Fairyglyphics
3. Jenny, Jenny
4. Squirglefurries Squirm
5. Hope, you’ll like this joke
6. Mermaid’s tale
7. Parcels on the Mountain Pass
8. Tinsel Snowberry Diamonds
9. At Mummybelle’s Invitation
10. Conga anyone?

Contents of files, audio on MP3 and PDFs to print out:

1½ hour audio Fairy Party on MP3 files narrated by Isy Suttie
1 PDF Instructions
On the Day Game Card – to print
Invitations – to print
Pin the Tail – to print
Treasure hunt – to print (explains where to place clues)
Fairyglypics x 4 – to print
Colouring puzzle game for final game or to take home.

Our Fairy Party “The Fairy Gifts” is a complete two hour party!

Children will love role-playing to this feisty fairy party download. It uses audio that you simply download and play. It will provide great role-playing entertainment for 8 children – or multiples of 8. It lasts a minimum of an hour and a half with lots of party games woven into the play. It brings traditional style parties back home.

Download the audio files and PDF’s. Print off the invitations and game accessories and play the audio. Designed specifically for 8 kids who’d love playing the part of a fairy. Can be played in multiples (groups) of eight, aged 6+

Let the narrator guide the children through an imaginative fantasy adventure. Wonderful atmospheric music and lots of sound effects.

Easy to set up. On the day, play the audio and the party will run itself!

This fairy party idea is incredibly easy and the children will love it! See our testimonials page and reviews

“The Fairy Gifts” – Narrated by Isy Suttie


  • Good quality audio play

  • Home environment

  • No screens or computers, just imaginations

  • Manageable numbers

  • No acting experience necessary

  • No scripts to learn or to read out

  • Helps boost confidence

  • No weather worries

  • Our cheapest option yet!

Any questions? Please take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions. Or contact us, we’re happy to help.

Please Note: Due to changes in VAT EU place of supply rules (MOSS VAT) we are currently unable to sell our digital products or bundled digital products into EU countries other than the UK

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Comes in Earth Tone Grey


CoolMax Cotton/Polyester Blend


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