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Christmas Family Game Download


Christmas Family Party Game Download.  “The Infamous Gathering” a role playing audio party game on MP3 files narrated by Graham Seed

Plus family party games:
Treasure Hunt (to do round the home)
Song sheets
Barcode Cake Code Invitation to solve

Download now – play later

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Christmas Family Game – “The Infamous Gathering” narrated by Graham Seed

This Christmas Family Game is intended for a small party gathering at home, with close friends and relatives – as they’re the only ones who’ll forgive you for making them do this.

Minimum of 4 players and up to maximum of 10. Ages 5 to 95, possibly push it to 96 if you have a particularly feisty granny who’s just had her gin. Younger children will need help, I suspect you’ll feel the same.

Gather all your friends and family into a room with a good sound system, get yourself a drink – tea perhaps? With a dash of nan’s gin. And press play.

Any similarity to the pantomime ‘Cinderella’ is purely intentional. This pantomime is slightly on the unusual side however – not only does it star your entire family there are also riddles, clues and games along the way.
Pantomime, in your home?! No it isn’t. Oh yes it is! A new Christmas Family Game that’ll make you wish it was Christmas every day! Oh no it won’t, really, no it won’t.

Ideal  ‘family to family’ gift –  light and easy to post but you’ll need to buy the usb version for that. This one you can just download. Also a good ‘fill in’ for New Year when you’ve had enough of Charades and trying to mime ‘Shrek’ for the sixth time.

You will need:

Gin (optional… not optional)

A printer

A good sound system to play the MP3 audio tracks


  • Home environment – no need to move from comfy chair
  • Huge fun (a debatable issue)
  • Cheap – that’s you sorted
  • No mess. No fuss. Doesn’t sound Christmassy does it?
  • No acting experience necessary (oh dear) or scripts to read
  • Sanity – well it’s Christmas


Ashley-Ella (see what we did there)
The Lott Family
FG – Fairy Godperson
Shop boy

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