Listen Up Party Game

listen up party game

We love sound

If you’ve been following Acting the Party for a while now, you will know how important sound is to us – especially good quality sound effects and music.

This is a good party game that will get kids thinking and listening, and it’s very easy to do.

First of all you will need to find some house hold items, about 10 is a good number.
Here’s a list of the types of items that are good, I’m sure you can find others.

1. Plastic bag – a crisp packet is good.
2. Cheese grater.
3. Lid off a bottle of something plastic – i.e. toothpaste or sun lotion, one that ‘clicks’ as it closes
4. Water in a jug poured into a glass or two glasses pouring from one into another.
5. Salt shaker or pepper grinder.
6. Lid opening and closing on a jam jar.
7. Stirring a jar of jam with a teaspoon (you may need a spoon rest).
8. Camera clicking.
9. Pair of scissors opening or closing – don’t forget to squirrel them away afterwards.
10. A zip

Have a list of the children and number the list 1 to 10 ready for their answers.
Hide all the items, either behind a screen or under a cloth. You can either take each child behind the screen or into another room.
Blindfold each in turn and slowly bring each item to their ear before making the noise, keep it deliberately brief. For older ones, repeat only two or three times. For younger ones you could also show them all the items briefly before hand and see if they can place the objects to the noise.
Write down their answers. The child with the most correct answers is the winner.

Variations: Use different scents and see if they can work out what things are using their sense of smell, or small objects that they can hold and try to work out what they are by touch. Oh, and guess what… you can also do it for taste, but for some strange reason my kids don’t seem to trust me so much on this one, especially around tea time!