Joshua reviews pirate party

Review of Spooky Pirate Party by Joshua

Need to share this – the lovely Joshua does a review of our pirate party, or two…

Joshua and his friends played our Spooky Pirate Party, and loved it. He wanted to do a review so his mum filmed him reviewing it for us.

However, her phone kept cutting out so initially I thought we’d have to edit them together, but because he’s just so delightful, his personality shined through so perfectly, we left them just as they are.

Oh, plus he forgot to say goodbye, so he added a little more…

Isn’t he a good ‘un?  If you’ve used one of our parties we’d love to see a video review from your child so please do send it to us. You can send it through our facebook page, or email it to us.

We love to hear reviews from adults too, especially pantomime dames who’ve played our Christmas Family Game 😉 … though somehow it comes even sweeter from the kids who play it.