How to Make a House Party Run Smoothly

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How to Make a House Party Run Smoothly

A party is a great chance to let down it all go and totally relax. If you’re thinking about holding a house party (or any type of party really), there’s a few things you want to do well in advance. It’s important to pay attention to all the little details before welcoming guests. Everyone should be welcome, have a great place to sit, find things they like to eat and drink and find it easy to get up and dance to fabulous music.

Invite People Selectively

One thing that needs extra special attention is the guest list. It’s a good idea to know well in advance how many people can fit the space. It’s also a good idea to think about the best mix of people. There may be lots of best friends that are a must on any guest list. In addition, it’s also helpful to think about who else is coming to the party. Now is the time to repay previous invitations and invite others who have offered house party fun in the past.

Be Neighbourly

No one likes to be left out. Think about inviting as many neighbours as possible. It’s a good idea to think about which neighbours are likely to come to the party. Some people may already have things they do on weekends and at night. But others are happy to come by and have a few hours of amusement. Consider asking in person. Many people love being asked to come to a new place. It can also be useful to create a flyer. The flyer should have all the details about the party including the address and the date and time.

Clean the House

Once the date is set, it’s time to get all the spaces in shape. Now is the time to clear out all clutter. Try to look at the entire space through the eyes of the party guests. Think about all the spaces like the kitchen, bathroom and basement. Every space should be as clean as possible so people can get around without knocking into anything or knocking over stuff. Clean spaces welcome guests. If you don’t have time, think about hiring a cleaning service to do it for you before your guests arrive.

Ample Seating

Seating makes any party a lot more fun. People need lots of spaces to relax and speak with others. Think about using varied types of seating. Many things can serve as a place to sit. This includes cushions that can be placed on the floor. If there aren’t quite enough chairs, it’s possible to rent more. Folding chairs can be lined against one wall and set up in a few corners. They also need places to put a cup and plates. Offer lots of places where people can place such items like coffee tables and shelves that have been cleared of books and knickknacks.

Alternative pass the parcel ideas

A Drinks Menu

Drinks enliven any gathering and help people relax even further. Offer a great selection of varied types of drinks. Start with a few basics like soft drinks and mixers. Iced tea and lemonade are good for people who prefer something light.┬áMake sure there’s enough ice to go around as well as easy to use cups. Items like sliced lemons and limes add additional and much welcomed flavor to any drink. Set aside a specific area for drinks. A bar is great. Other spaces can also be used like a dining room table.

Enough Eats

Food is as important as a great menu of things to drink. Think about items that are easy to eat and can be carried around. A full round of appetizers always works well. Offer lots of different choices. Vegetarians appreciate a vegetable platter with lots of dips. More substantial items are also always welcome. Grilled meats of all kinds on skewers are easy to transport and delicious. Consider varied ways to serve food. A cold platter makes a great contrast with lots of hot foods. Offer a nice selection of desserts to finish the party in style.

Alternative pass the parcel ideas

Great Music

Music makes any party come to life. Think about music guests will like. A party should have music that makes the host and the guests happy. Set up a series of songs to start playing as the guests arrive. Notice how guests are responding to the music as the party continues. If people aren’t pleased, have at least several other kinds of music in reserve. It’s a good idea to have lots of different music styles on hand such as classic, salsa, reggae and country and western. People love it when they hear music they like at a house party.

Space to Dance

When people hear music, they want to dance. Clear a space well in advance that is devoted to dancing and lets others watch the dancing. It’s a good idea to think about designating a specific area like the dining room for this purpose. Any dance floor area should have at least some space so people can move. It doesn’t have to be large to be effective. Place items like chairs against the wall to help free up additional space. Remove any flooring that can make it hard to dance. Rugs can be pulled up along with any rug pads.

Understanding house rules

Before planning a house party, it’s best to understand area rules. If the party is being held in a private house, make sure there’s enough parking for everyone. Investigate local noise ordinances. Make sure not exceed such ordinances as people may call the police. It’s also a good idea not to have far too many people. This can exceed the number of people allowed to occupy the space legally. A dorm room or apartment may have other rules about holding parties. Make sure all such rules are followed before the party starts and as it goes on that night.

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