Five Good Reasons to have Smaller Party

Five good reasons to have a smaller party

This has been a question knocking about in the media for some time now, indeed we have previously done a post on how many children to invite but here’s five good reasons for having a smaller party, and why we think it’s better all round for you and your child.

1. Expense

Large parties are expensive. Not only have you got to hire a venue and book the entertainment but also provide the food and party bags for a large number, it soon scales up. Save it for a holiday!

2. Mayhem

Ok, sometimes it’s nice to see kids let rip. To watch them expend some of that energy we all wish we had, it’s good to get active and mess about. When the children’s anticipation is mixed with the fuel of party food, kids parties become very lively. So unless there are professionals in charge – either teachers or entertainers who are used to large numbers of noisy kids – don’t try – they’re hard to keep under control and very stressful, keep it small… Or take a first aid box, a large bottle of wine and hide in a cupboard!

3. How to get them all there on time.

If a venue is some distance away not all parents will be able to drive to the venue, keep in mind public transportation, not everyone has the luxury of a car.

4. Intimidating

Think back to when you were a child. When did you feel most treasured? Was it with your family and close friends around you? Or being the centre of a large crowd? Most children really do love being the centre of attention, but not all in a large crowd. A lot of children will feel more comfortable and enjoy the experience with those they know best. A smaller party doesn’t mean less exciting or less popular. And a large group does not equal being more liked, in fact some will resent you for showing off.

5. Time for change – enjoy a smaller party

Don’t follow the crowd because everyone else seems to be doing it. Ok, maybe every child up until now has had a all-class party, time to break the mould. Your child won’t be inviting everyone in their class in a few short years anyway. Some well thought out birthday games are still immense fun for kids, so whatever you do, do include birthday games and keep it simple.

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