Review of our Spooky Pirate Party by Eduardo

Eduardos great feedback

The Business of Feedback

When you start a business with a new product idea the feedback you receive can be invaluable. You soon realise the journey can be filled with lots of valleys, and bloomin’ enormous hills. All too often you have to pause, and take a deep breath, before carrying on.

Not everyone is going to get your product, or love it as much as you do.

Occasionally however, you’ll come across someone who’ll remind you who you’re doing it for, who’ll give you a prod, just enough to keep you going until you find your hill.

In my case this happened again very recently. I decided to do competition on Facebook, to be fair there weren’t many entries, at least not on this occasion. It’s easy to feel that maybe your idea and marketing just isn’t going to be strong enough.

However, someone did win, and I sent them our Spooky Pirate Party.

To be perfectly frank, it’s a little nerve-wracking asking a stranger whether the product was used and whether they enjoyed using it, but I went ahead and posted a message to them.
To my joy, they answered straight back, and said it was great. We got chatting through messenger. Then, without hesitation, the mum offered to film her son doing a review. And what a lovely review!

So here he is – Eduardo from London, talking about the treasure hunt included in the audio play’s story, and our special reverse Pass the Parcel that we control the music to –

Eduardo, obviously enjoyed the rock music!

And here is one of his friends working on the hieroglyphic clues, again these fit in with the story line:

Child working out hiroglyphics

Btw, we would recommend that our parties are for 8 children between the ages of 6 and 9 😉

Please see FQA for more details.

A big thank you again to Eduardo who helped us to find a little hilltop.