Can’t wait? Want it now? Our parties are available to download – the same party, only cheaper!

Our parties at the click of a button.

Same awesome 2 hour party entertainment you can now download instantly! Give your child a fantastically fun party, when you want, wherever you want – keep them fully entertained with an interactive audio role-play party. Includes: games, riddles, clues, treasure hunts and lots, lots more! They’ll come immediately to you as separate files – MP3 for the audio and PDF’s to print.

Easy to set up, even easier on the day – just press play!

Click on the pictures for more info on what our awesome parties can give you. Don’t forget to look on our testimonials page to see how pleased previous customers have been and how the children loved it.

What you will need:

A printer

Ipod or similar with a good sound system to play the audio

A Pass the Parcel wrapped the correct amount of time (further instructions in pack or look at our FAQ)

Children, grab 8 good ‘uns  – aged between 6 and 10 years

Party food

What you will love!
  • How easy it is – just press play!

  • Manageable numbers

  • Watching the children have a great time role-playing, solving puzzles and playing party games whilst being ‘hands free’

  • Having no mess to clear up

  • No weather worries

  • No travelling