Introducing Our Awesome Kids Party Entertainment:

Two Hour Role-Playing Audio Stories specifically designed for Children’s Party Entertainment

Pantomime Party

For the whole family

Ho ho ho

Why you would want a pantomime in your front living room is anyone’s guess but here it is…something to relieve the monotony of the usual Christmas family party games. Put on your very own show. From ages 5 to 95. Any similarity to Cinderella is purely intentional.

Spooky Pirate Party

A unique party for boys


Captain Skelley wants to take you on a role-playing adventure but what party games do you like to play? Can you play reverse pass the parcel? How fast do you think you could manage that? Good at treasure hunts and riddles? You sure?

Jungle Party

A party for 8 girls

Just press play

Kids, hey you! Stop monkeying around. Invite your friends over and let your imaginations go wild with this easy, fun role-playing game! No reading aloud, just copy what someone tells you, can you do that? Good. Then make me a cup of tea! For ages 6 to 9 years

Fairy Party

Outstanding party for girls

Best home party

Want to act like fairies? Then don’t have this party. These fairies will get into all kinds of scrapes on their big adventure! Party lasts 2 hours and includes party games. All set and ready to go! Just press play!!

About our Birthday Games…

Children love acting and birthday games. This will keep children entertained and engaged. Our audio stories capture their imaginations from beginning to end with lots of laughter throughout.

We don’t just tell a story – we make kids enter right into the middle of one! First and foremost they will feel actively involved, whether they’re watching or playing. Each eager for their big part. They’ll all join in the traditional birthday games which are themed to fit within the story.

Busy bees throughout. Be it working out the treasure hunt clues, solving mystery puzzles, playing the birthday party games, or miming simple actions to the party play. Whatever they do, we guarantee that this is the easiest at home party there is – OR YOUR MONEY BACK!

Not only fun for birthdays you can also use our Spooky Spectacular pirate party as a Halloween alternative to Trick or Treating. Great if the weather lets you down.

The Fairy Party

 Within this birthday games pack unusual fairies use their special gifts to help solve puzzles and play birthday games to help Joy. They’ll act out a fantasy story to solve the mystery of why Joy fairy has lost her special gift. Just press play to watch Joy’s best fairy friends rally round to help.

In this story play adventure they will meet unicorns, mythical creatures, and some very strange beasties.

Fairy Party Birthday Games Ideas

“… it was without doubt the easiest party I’ve ever done by far. It’s perfect to do at home, although you could also move it to a small hall.”


The Spooky Pirate Party

Captain Skelly and ghoulish friends, set sail to Egypt in the hope of finding treasure. Will they find it? Or something even better?

Indulge their imaginations with this 2 hour role-playing kids party entertainment. For eight children aged 7 to 9

Unique, inexpensive and awesome.

pirate party game

“I used this at my son’s birthday party and the kids had a fantastic time. Everything was clearly explained in the box, and the treasure hunt clues are already made.

Well done guys you made my son very happy.”


The Jungle Party

Leela goes on an adventure which takes her far and wide. She meets new friends, sails boats, rides dolphins and finally ends up in the jungle.

To complete her mission Leela and friends will need to solve puzzles and play games.

This story will get them buzzing!

Jungle party game
“It was one of the most stress-free parties I’ve ever organised and I can highly recommend it.”


Christmas Family Party

‘The Infamous Gathering’ is narrated by Graham Seed, of ‘The Archers’ fame.

Any similarity to the pantomime ‘Cinderella’ is purely intentional. This pantomime is on the unusual side however. Not only does it star your entire family, there are also riddles, clues, and games to play along the way.

From 5 to 95….or beyond!

“The panto was hilarious! An excellent evening of fun for the whole family. Cleverly crafted entertainment for all ages…”


Unique party entertainment that includes traditional birthday games.

This is perfect party entertainment if you’ve been looking for an old fashioned children’s party that includes birthday games and giggles.

More importantly however, it has the added advantage of being pre-prepared.

Give your child a real birthday party!

With our audio entertainment and birthday games accessories you can create an awesome party for your child at home – in minutes.

No need to spend a fortune, this is very cheap party entertainment and trouble free. With another bonus that you can hold it whenever you want, wherever you want.

So simple set up, and practically ‘hands free’ on the day.

Just press play!

The aim of our parties is to get children active, interactive, and having fun, without mess, or mayhem.

They’ll be stars in their very own show. Great fun guaranteed!

How it works

The children become characters role-playing to an audio story. To enhance it we have amazing sound effects and music throughout. Children’s imaginations will be right there in the adventure!

Furthermore, they’ll solve riddles, clues, and play themed birthday games threaded within the play. Our professional narrators will keep the children occupied with simple, instructional prompts, so you won’t need to worry. Birthday games accessories are included, as are the invitations.

Our children’s birthday parties are ideal for little show offs, but will also win round the shyest of children. They’ll love it!! But don’t take our word for it:

Check out our testimonials and reviews page, plus our lovely video reviews .

  • Simple to do

  • Invitations included
  • Games are prepared with easy-to-do instructions
  • Play the audio story-play

  • Everyone can watch and join in the fun!
  • All our parties now come with free shipping!