Theme Ideas for Home Parties

Theme ideas for home parties

Plan ahead

Here’s a quick list of good theme ideas for home parties – please feel free to add your own in the comment box. We all want a cool party for our children, there’s lots of things to consider. Affordability and availability are just two things, holding a party at home may be the solution but do plan ahead.

Make sure everyone knows the time and place, you will be busy enough without parents phoning you on the day to ask directions. Generally more children means harder work but a little pre-planning will pay dividends – see here for our other tips and advice on party planning.

Make sure pets are safe and happy and all the food is prepared in advance to leave you as hands free as possible. Having said that, the food can be quite simple, and a lot of it shop bought. Children tend not to eat very much when excited and at a stranger’s house.

Party Games

Think of the birthday party games your child would like to play, but please don’t indulge them too much by letting them win every game. Even though it is their party it’s never too early to educate them in manners. Instil in them the sense that they are the hosts, and perhaps should be looking after their guests to some degree.

Be prepared

…for a couple of upsets, especially if you have a large group, smaller parties are by far the easiest to handle and can be very enjoyable for the parent as well as the child as you can get to know some of their friends better. Most of all don’t be surprised if your child is the most badly behaved of the group. Their expectations of the day, and yours too, will be heightened. This inevitably means that someone feels somewhat disappointed and most likely end up throwing their toys out of the pram at least once in the day. Don’t let it be you. Keep calm and remember to enjoy the moment.

Finally, The Themes

A fairly comprehensive list below but if there are any that you think we’ve missed, please be kind and share in the comment box below.

  • Prince and Princesses
  • Knights or soldiers
  • Harry Potter
  • Cheeky Monkey or Jungle Party

  • Adventure Party
  • Incredible Hulk party
  • Superhero party
  • Tropical Island Party
  • Carnival party
  • Historical party i.e. Egyptian, Roman, Caveman
  • Space
  • Murder mystery
  • One colour party i.e. pink party, black and white, rainbow
  • Diva Party
  • Animal Party
  • Camp out – survival party
  • Dinosaur party
  • Monster or Ghost party
  • Lego party
  • Vehicle Party
  • Science/ mad professor party
  • Disco Dance
  • Disney theme – choose a character
  • Under the Sea
  • Football
  • Movie theme