6 Bleedin’ Obvious Halloween Safety Tips UK

6 obvious halloween rules

Here are 6 Halloween safety tips to act as little reminders of what to do, and what to look out for.

I’m hoping these easy Halloween Safety Tips are handy to remember. There have been some big changes to Halloween here in the UK, certainly since I was a little girl. No longer do we carve turnips, they were nigh on impossible to carve anyway, and back then, pumpkins were either unavailable, or unaffordable. Some families used to make toffee apples, or play bobbin apples, but that happens rarely these days. Roads are certainly busier.

Instead many of us do Trick or Treating, and I love today’s Trick or Treating. The excitement in children is lovely to see, but let’s keep it safe by following these bleedin’ obvious….

Halloween Safety Tips:

1. Drivers!!

Please be ultra careful on the week of Halloween – not just on the day but the days leading up to it, right through to bonfire night. Because of the time of year, dusk is particularly tricky, make sure your lights are on early. Cars are also much quieter. Children and adults and with masks, wigs, and hats on strain to see and hear things around them. They’ll most likely be wearing black (apart from the odd ghost) and so will be difficult to see. In urban areas stick to 20 mph instead of 30, just during this time, what harm could it do?

Be ultra careful reversing out of your driveway.

2. Be seen.

It’s a great idea for children to carry and wear glow sticks so they can be seen by drivers, and it’s easier for you to keep track of them – a group of excited children can be a bit like rounding up chickens, and you’ll be the one squawking. Adults take a torch, even with street lights, some garden paths are difficult to negotiate. Go as a group, but not too large. 10 max

3. Teach children never to go into strangers houses, even neighbours that they may recognise.

If you go in with them, tell them later that they shouldn’t do it alone, only with you. Children can get confused, sometimes it seems ok, and other times not, give them clear guidelines.
Be careful with dogs, some scare children, some are scared of children.

4. Only go to houses that have a pumpkin, or other obvious signs that they are joining in with Halloween.

Simple rule, let’s keep to it.

5. Be aware of naked flames.

In light of accidents that have happened to high profile celebrities’ children in Halloween costumes be careful of naked flames, especially with wizard cloaks etc. Remember to tell your kids.

6. Respect other people’s property. Be careful of your own.

Don’t walk over their highly prized garden flowers, keep to the path.

I’ve added another…

7. Always be polite.

Each day, everyday. Bleedin’ obvious.

Hope I haven’t put you off! If you can’t face Trick or Treating, or you would like a little party between school ending time and going out then we thoroughly recommend our Spooky Pirate Party.