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A new twist in kids home party entertainment.

Introducing our audio role play parties, entertainment organised for you:

“All the children loved being their characters and enjoyed the games and puzzles. A great inexpensive party and would certainly recommend it to others. Thank you… ”     Jayne

Fabulously fun kids party entertainment designed especially for 6 to 10 year olds to have a bumper party at home. Sit back and watch as the children role play. Performing through a story embracing their imaginative, creative and artistic side as they play along to the narrator’s instructions with sound effects and music . No screens allowed!

… Just giggles and games.

Our kids party entertainment from just a little over £3.00 per child!

This kids party entertainment is a little different from the invite-the-whole-class type party. It’s smaller, more manageable but still jam-packed full of fun. The children will enjoy playing their characters to the audio story with narrated instructions of what they need to do. Hoist the sail or groom a unicorn, whatever they role play will lead into traditional games themed into the story.

Give them a home party to remember.

Great value kids party entertainment containing everything you need for a party at home.

Easy audio parties for parents to create an awesome party for their child.

Huge fun!! With lots of party games too.

With our very unique kids party entertainment you’ll get everything you need for a 2 hour party. It’s a role-playing, fun-filled, themed home party. You’ll find it difficult to find a cheaper kids party that brings as much fun!

  • Two hour awesome kids party entertainment
  • Easy to set up and so much fun!!
  • Manageable numbers
  • Saves time and money.

    Total entertainment from just £25.00

  • Whenever you want it, wherever you are

  • No weather or transportation worries
  • No mess or mayhem

  • Boosts confidence, no reading out loud – simple role-play!

  • Award winning children’s birthday parties

How it works

  • Whether you buy our parties on USB or as a download, each party works in the same way.

  • Print out the invitations and party game accessories.

  • Send out invitations.

  • Once the guests arrive, press play on the audio and watch as they act through the story.

  • Use the themed game accessories played intermittently throughout the party.

  • All our parties now come with free shipping! 

Ideal for little show-offs!

We guarantee you’ll have the easiest, best sounding kids party ever!

Fantastic fun they’ll all love!

So if you’ve been looking for a different kids party entertainment idea? You’ve come to the right place!
We have kids parties that are designed for playing at home, something a little bit different – easy, cool, fun and great value. Complete 2 hour role-play party with party games. Check out our parties here. You’ll also find quality party items to go with your theme. We are certain that this is one of the cheapest, most manageable, and best home parties you can have.

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A fabulously fun party at home designed especially for 6 to 10 year olds to have a bumper party at home. Sit back and watch as the children perform, embracing their imaginative, creative and artistic side as they act through a story-play.

No screens, no drama … just role-play and games!

We are aware that in light of covid children have missed out on parties. Here’s a little party with BIG fun! With a touch of a traditional party. Our organised parties are now available as a download straight to your home. Narrated by professional artists your child (and family) can role play through a story with themed traditional party games along the way.

Please see our downloadable parties available now.